Selling: is it ok to lie?

About 2 weeks ago I decided to write one email every day.

After 7 days I learned that writing a weekly email instead of a daily one is more sustainable for me and less invasive for you.

I learned that daily content is more suitable to a different platform like YouTube, a blog, or social media but only as long as it provides value… if not, it’s just more noise.

Having said that here is this week’s email. I hope you find it interesting!

So what has been going on since the last email?

I’ve being doing a lot of research on hosting webinars to sell online courses.

Turns out most webinars are advertised as a free training or master class when in reality they are just a sales presentation disguised as a free class.

Even though a typical webinar has 70% content, it’s the last 30% that really counts if you want to sell anything. The first 70% is designed to get people into a receptive mental state so when you pull the rug under their feet and transition into a pitch fest (the last 30%) they don’t even notice and actually ask you for more!

I do believe webinars are the most effective tool to sell online courses at a premium price but I’m yet to find a way to host them that agrees with my own voice and values.

I know many of you share the same concern. The act of selling feels slimy in itself but it doesn’t have to be.
Those that can benefit from our products will only improve their lives if they buy, but they will only buy if we know how to persuade them to do so… is that so?

The problem is that there is a fine line between persuasion and manipulation and that line is not always clear. That bothers me a lot.

Is it ok to manipulate if our underlying intent and desire is to create genuine benefit?
Is it ok to lie if we truly believe our product will have a positive impact on our customer?

I still don’t have a clear answer and after hours of research online I can’t find a consensus either.

What are your thoughts on this?

Please let me know by replying to this email.

Next week I’ll share the most insightful answers with you and maybe I can put this to rest and get on with my life!

Peace, love and ethical cookies,



P.S. Just want to thank all of you that have encouraged me to keep writing, you know who you are. So here it is a big thank you and virtual HUG! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Selling: is it ok to lie?

  1. Troy Bracke Reply

    My wife is a daytrader and works from home. She listens to a lot of “Free Webinars,” understanding that 99% of them are just solicitations to sign up for more services. She pics up new tips and tricks from each and every one of them and thus has built a wealth of knowledge. She rarely ever participates in these for the intent of buying what the pitch is selling. Occasionally though, she does buy.

    My point is, I believe both parties are benefiting from this type of interaction. The “pitch” person is playing a numbers game. They WILL pick up customers. It is advertising. As long as you are sharing value and nuggets of wisdom, the audience member is getting nuggets of education, for free. It is a win-win.

    • Miguel Hernandez Post authorReply

      Great point. It all comes down to statistics. As long as the seller is providing value everybody wins!

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