From $100K in Debt to $1 Million in Course Sales with Phil Ebiner

Before he started teaching 5 years ago Phil Ebiner had a $100K debt in student loans. Teaching online completely changed his life. Today, with over $1 million dollars in course sales and close to a whopping half a million students, Phil is one of the most prolific and successful online teachers ever. His main focus is photography, video editing, and course creation, but he has published courses on productivity, digital marketing and even Pokemon Go. Phil embodies the profile of the ultimate self-made online teacher. In this interview, you’ll find out how he got started, how he produces his courses, his thoughts on pricing, his best marketing strategies,  how teaching online has changed his life, and much more.

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4 thoughts on “From $100K in Debt to $1 Million in Course Sales with Phil Ebiner

  1. Mirko Reply

    Thanks Miguel and Phil.

    Very inspiring and in-depth interview with a lot of nuggets for aspiring course creators.



  2. Debra Brady Reply

    Great stuff from two great course creators! I own courses from both of you and have learned a lot from them, and you. Big takeaway is a forehead slap: Figure out how to stay motivated and keep a schedule for creating content consistently. Thanks for sharing!

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