Meet the “Mr. Wolf” of online course selling

Please tell me you’ve watched Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino.

It’s a classic. I’ve watched it at least 8 times since it was released in 1994 (wow, it seems like yesterday!)

One of my favorite scenes is when the unforgettable duo made up with no other than John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, are driving and “accidentally” blow up the head of a poor kidnapped soul and make a huge mess inside the car.

They have 40 minutes to clean the mess.

It seems impossible.

And who does Quentin Tarantino call?

You got it. He calls Mr. Wolf.

Mr. Wolf (epically played by Harvey Keitel) is a no-bs hard-core problem solver.

He is not cheap. He is not nice. But he gets shit done. Quickly and effectively.

Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve met the “Mr. Wolf” of online courses.

Are you ready to meet him?

Here we go…

His name is Sergio Estevez (not related to Emilio).

He’s from Spain. He is young and has a ridiculously strong accent.

But don’t let the young looks and the cute accent fool you.

Sergio is very much like Mr. Wolf.

Sergio is also a no-bs straight shooting problem solver. His commitment to help online instructors get results is unbelievable.

But what really caught my attention was his PROOF. The testimonials, the actual tangible results delivered to dozens of instructors like you and me.

Here are some of screenshots that speak for themselves:

Helping Emille doubling course sales…

Thanks to Sergio, Alice gets 800 new emails in 48 hours…

Helping Laurence email list grow and love his emails…

Sergio gets 93% open rate.. holy cabras!

Gina’s first sales on autopilot… yipee!

And here’s some proof of Sergio over-delivering…

Pretty remarkable right? I’ve actually never seen anything like this but…

How does he do it?

Sergio is a master building sales funnels that actually work.

If you’ve tried to build a sales funnel before you know it can take months to get to profitability. If you don’t know what you’re doing it can take… well, forever.

It depends on your situation, but typically Sergio can get positive ROI within 4 weeks working with you.

After learning the specifics of your business, your target audience, and your revenue goals, Sergio devices a custom strategy to help you get the results you want.

The “Estevez” System

Sergio employs a rigorous 4 step system that takes care of solving the two main issues any course creator faces – traffic and conversion.

Here is how it works:

STEP 1: Set up conversion tools
Sergio improves your existing sales page OR creates a brand new one using proven high-conversion strategies specifically designed to sell more online courses. His clients see conversion rates of up to 10% (when the industry average is 1%).

STEP 2: Create email indoctrination series
Sergio helps you craft an interesting and compelling story to be delivered over a long email sequence. This story will have what he calls ‘Open loops’ which guarantees that your prospect get addicted to your emails. In average, his clients can get 90% open rates AND 40% click-through rate which is literally 5-6 times more than the average.

STEP 3: Drive traffic via Facebook ads
If you can’t invest $ to produce revenue, you don’t have a real business (you have a hobby). Sergio uses a budget conscious approach where he tests a ton of ad variations to find the best performing ones. His clients see averages of 4 – 10x ROI from Facebook ad spend.

STEP 4: Automate systems to generate passive income
Once you have a profitable funnel working, the next step is all about scaling via automation. Sergio is an expert at building systems that can scale well past 6 figures a year without you having to manually deal with everything. This includes automating webinars, email auto-responders, testimonial collection, refunds, back-end offers and upsells, etc.

How would your life be if someone could take care of all the nitty gritty details of building a fully automated marketing system for you?

A few months ago I calculated the exact amount of work it takes on average for a first time online instructor to break 6 figures.

Here is what I came up with:

“To make $100K a year selling a course for $297, you’ll need to sell 28 courses a month. Based on a email list conversion rate of 2%, you’ll need to gain 1,403 new subscribers a month.”

How do you plan to get 1,400 new subscribers a month?

You see that’s the hard part.

According to my calculations exactly this hard…

“Your first year you should expect to invest about $14K in software and ad spend plus 1,567 hours of labor (about 4 hrs/day) to gross $100K. If you value your labor at $25/hr that labor would be worth about $40K of your time.”

Unfortunately, there is no escape from this. To get sales you’ll need to put the work. If you’re lucky you may break a profit. If you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll become one of the 90% that fails.

Now, you can devote $40K worth of your sweat-equity to “maybe” make it. Or you can spend a fraction of it on a professional like Sergio and let him work his magic.

Who do you call when you need a root canal? do you try to save money, grab a set of pliers try to do it yourself and hope for the best? or do you call a professional?

When getting rewarded for your hard work creating an online course really matters, do you fudge for a year and throw $40K worth of your time down the drain? or do you get on the phone with a proven marketing professional?

When you are serious about fixing a problem, do you wing it or do you call Mr. Wolf?

Sergio is your Mr. Wolf.

If you’re fed up trying to get your marketing to work, call him.

If you’re afraid your course won’t get any sales, call him.

If you want to understand what will take to get you to profitability, call him.

If you need help building a solid profitable evergreen sales funnel, call him.

If you want to hear a sexy Spanish accent and get more reassurance that he can help you, call him.

You have nothing to lose and a lot to learn (I surely did). It’s free and you’ll thank me later.

More proof? here is another screenshot from an instructor thanking Sergio:

Book a free strategy session with Sergio -> HERE.

Peace, Love, and Mr. Wolf Cookies.


P.S: Sergio, like all highly sought-after pros, has a long waiting list and is very selective when it comes to selecting who he works with. If he doesn’t get back to you let me know and I’ll put a good word for you. After all, I speak his same language 🙂

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