Why is art important?

I think I finally figured it out.

After 40 years meandering over the crust of this magma ball… some things start to make sense.

Maybe that’s one of the few advantages of growing older.

Our ability to appreciate what we experience at a deeper level… to gain greater resolution.

I few years ago my wife and I did a 3 month trip around Spain. We visited several museums including; El Prado, Reina Sofia, and of course the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (my natal city)

I noticed most museums had a section dedicated to modern art.

I don’t really understand modern art. What I do understand is what I feel when I experience it.

With most modern art I felt an acute visceral reaction – ANGER!

Growing up I was a very emotional kid. Rainy days would make me depressed. I couldn’t handle losing. I took everything personally. A few times my mom found me stuck inside the garbage bin.

Deeply concerned, my mom asked – “Miguelito! what are you doing in there?”

I would reply whimpering – “I feel like a potato peel, and potato peels belong in the garbage”

That’s when I was 5 years old (and I could fit inside the kitchen garbage bin).

Now I’m 40. That’s many years developing an emotional shield that allows me to handle life like a somewhat well adjusted citizen.

You could say that today I am more in control of my emotions. But of course, they are still there. It’s just a lot harder to get to them.

The occasional sappy movie, or lately, listening to the back story of some of the participants in American Ninja Warrior will trigger an uncontrollable flood of tears for about 12.7 seconds.

But modern art? how can it pierce through this impregnable 40 year old shield?

Because I finally understood that art cannot be analyzed.

Art cannot be measured.

Art cannot be explained.

Art can only be FELT.

The greater the art the more powerful emotions will evoke.

Unfortunately this also applies to shitty art.

Of course, not all modern art is crap (but at lot is).

For some, contemplating what for me is an insult to humanity, a waste of expensive real estate, or simply a Royal Piece Of Poop (RPOP), is instead, a transcendental orgasmic experience.

Great artists are masters at manipulating our emotions via their opus.

That’s a great power. That’s a great responsibility.

But you know what? you are also an artist.

There can be art in everything we do be it, our work, music, design, coding, sports, science, love-making, or even how we tie our shoes.

And because, in way or another, we are all artists that means we are all responsible to create art that evokes beautiful emotions.

So go out there and make good art!

It will be hard, it will consume your entire life, but the Universe will love you for it (and me too).

Peace, Love and Great Art,


P.S.: Arguably, the worst art is that one that leaves us indifferent.

P.2: When was the last time that you were moved by great art? What was it? – For me it was watching THIS.

P.3: Hey! did you skim this email you you! I know, I know life is busy. You can also read it later HERE.


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