The 2nd Course Creation Bootcamp is here!

Dear ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between and beyond!

It’s an honor to introduce to you the 2nd official 12-week course creation bootcamp.

The first one has been a blast and, although many failed to complete it, 20 awesome humans persevered through thick and thin and managed to create and launch their online course.

A big round of applause to all the finishers! Yeah! Wah wah! Bazinga! You’ve made me so proud. I can’t wait to see how your online teaching business flourishes over the next months.

But… what about you? are you one of the 150+ people that missed joining the bootcamp?

Are you one of the many that couldn’t complete the bootcamp and want a second chance?

Do you still want to create an online course and add a new source of income to your business?

Are you stuck and need the motivation, accountability, planning, and support to make it happen once and for all?

If that’s you, and you are serious about making this happen, well, here is your opportunity.

Starting today, I will be accepting applications to join the next bootcamp which will officially start next Monday, October 23rd and end Sunday, January 14th.

What Will You Accomplish

During those 12 weeks, I will help you to:

  • Validate your course idea and refine it to make sure you find students willing to pay for it.
  • Create a course outline that helps your students achieve a tangible result without overwhelming them with useless information.
  • Script and prepare the content of all your lessons using Keynote, Powerpoint, or Google Slides.
  • Set up your recording studio and all the equipment required to create fantastic video lessons.
  • Choose a perfect recording style and teach you how to get a professional look on your lectures.
  • Learn how to price your course based on the value you provide, your market, and your hosting platform.
  • Select the right course hosting platform based on your goals (Udemy, Thinkific, Teachable?)
  • Plan your course launch following the best strategies from the most successful online instructors.
  • Motivate you, get you unstuck, and ensure you have a blast during the whole experience!

Improvements over the last Bootcamp

The first bootcamp has been a great experience to learn what worked and what didn’t. In this new bootcamp, I will implement the following changes to ensure everyone that joins has a great chance of success.

Here are the improvements/changes:

  • I’m allocating double the time to recording your course. On the last bootcamp, most people dropped off when they got stuck with all the technical stuff required to shoot and edit video.
  • I’m changing the weekly deadlines to Sunday midnight instead of Friday night. That way you have all the weekend to work on your assignment and you’ll start fresh on Monday with your new assignment.
  • I will be adding 2 hours a week of office hours where anyone that is stuck can show up and ask me questions.
  • I am including 30 mins a week of one-on-one personalized support where I can help you fix your specific problems.
  • There will be email and mobile chat support with a guaranteed response within 24 hours.
  • The whole program will run on Mench, a custom-made platform exclusively dedicated to run and manage project-based programs like this one.
  • There will also be more completion prizes (to be disclosed later on in the bootcamp)
  • I’m adding an application process so only candidates who are a good fit are accepted to the program.
  • Finally, I’m only accepting 10 students so I can provide the best possible personalized support to everyone!

How do you apply?

If you’re ready to take the plunge and join me in this awesome adventure here are the next steps:

  1. Go to the official bootcamp application -> CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW
  2. Read all the bootcamp details so you get a clear idea of all the cool things I have in store for you.
  3. Click the yellow button that says “Apply OCT23”.
  4. Fill in the super fun application to reserve your seat.
  5. I will get in touch with you to schedule a call to answer all your questions.
  6. If we both think this is a good fit, and there are enough seats left, then you’re in, boom!

TWO important things:

  1. The application deadline is this Sunday, Oct 22 at midnight PST.
  2. if you’re excited to give this a try, don’t wait too long to apply because there are ONLY 10 seats available.

Sounds like a plan?


Let’s do it!

Peace, Love, and Awesome-Course-Creation-Cookies.


Questions?  please send your questions or feedback at miguel at grumo dot com.

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