By the time you read this…

I’ll be gone on a walk along the beautiful shore of Kitsilano beach heading towards Granville Island near downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Walk to Kitsilano Beach
Walk to Kitsilano Beach

Today marks the end of my first 7-day challenge ever for which I decided to take a break from computering and exercise my nonexistent culinary skills to the joy of my culinary neglected wife.

Not only I cooked for 7 days straight, I posted the evidence on YouTube so, just in case I never cook again, there will be evidence for future generations that yes, I Miguel Hernandez, master of the Grumos, descendant of the conquistadores, yes, I cooked once in my life.

Here is the evidence of this unprecedented feat. You can click on the image to watch all 7 meals being cooked by moi:


To give you an idea of how inept I am when it comes to cooking I had to take my iPhone on a few occasions to know what some ingredients look like in the real world.

For instance, I couldn’t for the life of me remember what leek or cabbage was supposed to look like.


Well, now I know not everything green is lettuce!

All the recipes turned out to be pretty simple to cook and tasted fantastic (wife helped oversee the operation since her well-being was at stake)

My favorite dish? Thai green chicken curry hands down. Maybe I got lucky but that one turned out delicious.

I totally cheated on the paella because after looking at a few recipes I realized it would take much longer than anticipated to cook. Instead I settled for a paella recipe titled “Easiest Ever Paella”. What can I say, you get what you bargain for…

So why am I walking towards Granville Island?

Because there is nothing better than following up a 7-day challenge with another 7-day challenge.

New challenge: Now for the next 7 days I will take a 5 km walk before 8 am PT.

I’ve never gone for a walk in the morning in about a decade and I’ve heard from many gurus and successful bipeds that this morning walking thing is very good for the mind and body.

What will this challenge do to my body and mind now that I finally know what leeks and cabbages are supposed to look like?

I have no clue but I’m really enjoying this challenge thing so let’s find out!

Until then,

Peace, Love and walking-in-da-mornin’ cookies,



P.S. I’m a big fan of Tim Ferris podcast and I plan to listen to it during my new morning walks. Recently he had Tony Robbins as a guest and he had something very interesting to tell regarding achievement vs fulfillment. You can listen to it HERE.

P.2. I’m also a big fan of the blog WaitButWhy and last weekend its author Tim Urban organized a global get together for his readers. Over 3000 fans of his blog met face-to-face. I was selected to join a group of 5 total estrangers. I had a blast connecting with like-minded humans in the real world. You can check many pictures of these meet-ups HERE.

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