Awesome stuff coming…

Happy Friday!

Short email today amigos…

I just want to thank you so much for your support yesterday on my first ever live broadcast.

I just looked at the stats and over 250 of you watched the entire presentation.

If you missed it and are curious about my story and the very unique way I started my animation studio you are welcome to watch the replay here:

Now, before you go I just want to give you a quick heads up of what’s coming for you this weekend.


Tomorrow I will send a longer and more personal email.

I will talk about my wife and a rare condition she suffers, about Tim Ferris and about a YouTube personality that has inspired me tremendously over the last few weeks.

On Sunday I will reward those that stick with me by hosting a book giveaway.

10 of you will win a copy of one of my favourite books. One that was fundamental in the success of Grumo Media.

I think you will enjoy it so stayed tuned!

Thanks for being so awesome!

Peace, Love, Cookies



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