The more I know, the more I suffer

I derive tremendous pleasure from learning but it comes at a price.

The more I know, the more I suffer.

It reminds me of one the nights I had the most fun ever.

Picture this. Early September 2012. Somewhere in the middle of downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It started as a normal night out with friends, and then… I discovered Jager Bombs.

Like knowledge, downing them was a heavenly pleasure.

Like knowledge, the more I drank the happier I became.

Glee, laughter, euphoria, dancing. Soon enough, everybody and everything was my best friend.

But a few hours later, white became black, sweet became sour, pleasure… pain, and the party in my belly became D-Day in my head.

Oh my, the bomb part. I sure got it.

Why is the good bad? Why chocolate tastes so good but it makes us fat?

Life likes to get even.

The more pleasure, the more pain. The more days of sun, the more likely it will rain. The longer you stay alive, the more likely you’ll die.

The more you know, the more you’ll suffer.

It’s the price of being alive.

In that case. I’ll be happy to suffer.


P.S. The opposite can be true – it’s called forgetting – Nature’s unlearning mechanism.

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