What is Mench?

Think of an online course on steroids and you have Mench.

Instead of courses, we’re calling them bootcamps.

Have you ever bought an online course and did nothing with it?

I have.

In fact, I have over 25 courses sitting on a virtual shelf collecting dust.

Does this sound familiar?

You see a super discount deal on an online course, you get excited about learning something new, you buy the course, you watch the first 3 lectures. Then, something else distracts you. 20 mins later you forgot about the course.

Rinse and repeat (25 times).

Something is wrong with that pattern methinks.

That is not how you learn stuff.

You only learn stuff when you DO stuff.

That’s why at Mench our only focus is on execution. On doing. On getting shit done.

Every Monday morning, you’ll receive your marching orders for that week and will have until Sunday midnight to do the assigned work.

During the week, you’ll receive all the support and motivation needed to make sure you don’t get stuck.

You’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone. You will struggle to make your deadlines. You will curse the Demogorgons.

But you’ll make progress. You’ll do the stuff. And surprise surprise, you will actually learn. Yipee!

When can I join a Mench bootcamp?

We’re still in Private Beta and planning to launch our first round of bootcamps in January.

We’ve already recruited some of the best online instructors in the whole wide world but, if you know someone amazing, just tell them to submit their application at https://mench.co/launch

Let’s put an end to ineffective learning. Let’s put an end to procrastination.

Let’s do it! <- BTW this is our tagline.

Peace, Love, and Let’s-Do-It-Cookies,

Founder of Grumo Media, Chief Monkey at Grumo, and now Co-Founder of Mench.

Vancouver, Canada (circa MMXVII)

P.S: Want to learn more about Mench? check out my interview with Phil Ebiner about Mench -> HERE

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