I’m turning 40 and the Grumo Podcast is on!

I was going to title this post “I’m half dead, let’s celebrate!” but that felt too macabre.

Statistically, this week I will have lived about 50% of my life. That amounts to 40 revolutions around the sun. 14,600 days atop this unique ball spinning in the void, we call Earth.

My plan was to NOT celebrate this milestone. The older you get the less you feel like celebrating.

“Hey, I’m older, have more wrinkles, more diseases, closer to dying than ever before!” – How can those be good reasons to celebrate anything?

Nope, I felt like sleeping the whole day and pretend that it never happened.

Then I remembered that celebrations don’t necessarily have to be about you, but an opportunity to celebrate the people in your life. An excuse to bring them together and thank them for being part of your journey.

All or part of this 4 decade journey…

I always hated the idea of big celebrations, especially weddings. So when I got married we eloped to Mexico and didn’t tell anyone.

Then my sister got married and everyone got together. It was then, seeing all the important people in her life sharing that special moment, that I understood what all the buzz was about. Yes, it was a pain for my sister and her husband to arrange everything but was it worth it? I think it was.

So based on that revelation I decided to go ahead and celebrate my birthday. I created a Facebook event and invited all my close friends to come and join me in celebrating me reaching the statistical half-way point towards my inexorable demise.

I asked everyone to not to bring presents. Their presence is their present. I don’t need any more things.

If everything goes as planned, about 20 people will be there. Some of them I haven’t seen in many years so it will be great to use this milestone as an excuse to catch up.

A Vancouver Grumo Meetup?

I was very close to invite all my Vancouver followers to join the fiesta, but I was concerned it could turn out into a logistical nightmare, and that it wouldn’t allow me to dedicate enough time to everyone.

However, I’d still love to get together with as many of you. How about organizing a meet-up so we can connect in the real world and chat geeky things you and I enjoy so much?

If that sounds like a good idea just let me know by filling up this form HERE.

And since we are in a celebratory mode, let me segue into the second part of today’s email.

The Grumo Podcast

As I promised last week, the first episode of the Grumo Podcast is HERE! (The new YouTube channel is also in the works so stay tuned)

You can subscribe to it on iTunes, Android, Google Play, and soon Stitcher too.

The first episode is short and sweet – only 11 minutes long. I simply introduce the podcast, explain why I decided to launch one and what should you expect from it.

The TL;DR is that I love podcasts and always wanted to create my own. The Grumo Podcast will be great for those than enjoy these emails but don’t have time to read them. You’ll get similar content but read aloud by me.

Now you’ll be able to get your weekly Grumo dose while you commute, exercise, wash the dishes or whatever else requires your hands and sight (let’s not go there).

As with this weekly newsletter, my goal with the podcast is to share my explorations in the fields of entrepreneurship, online teaching, science and technology.

With your help I plan to morph it into something as useful as possible for you, either by honing on on specific topics, sharing main takeaways from my constant everyday research, or deconstructing success strategies from experts.

If you know of any expert, author, influencer, engineer, scientist, or interesting person that you’d like me to interview and or research, please me know who so I can start making a list of potential guests.

And if you know them personally, then tell them about the podcast, or send an intro together with any questions you’d like for me to ask them.

You can listen to the first episode HERE.

And as always, infinite thanks for your unconditional support.

Peace, Love, and Cookies,


P.S.: Big thanks to Spencer Shaw from the Business Growth Podcast for helping navigate intricacies of launching a Podcast. Check out his awesome podcast HERE.

P.2: If you are into art and design I think you are going to love Abstract on Netflix. On every episode they showcase the work of a famous designer/artist. It’s beautifully shot and will open your mind to think about design in new and exciting ways.

P.3: If you missed last week’s email you can read it HERE.


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