Here are some of the comments I’ve received from my beloved readers:


Thanks for your good heart, help, and wisdom. In times like these, it means even more than you know.
… I truly appreciate you more than words can express.

You’re amazing. God bless you!


I started getting your emails after signing up for your udemy course on how to design an online course.

I loved watching your style of teaching, interspersing it with tips and acknowledgements about our human frailties.

I don’t usually read the many blogs that come to my already full email inbox, but I always try to read yours, because they are full of such humanity.

Thank you
Kathy Cadow

Dear Miguel,

You risk being vulnerable in the best way. Laying it all out there means that you are living without shame, in the moment and most importantly with gratitude.

I appreciate all of your updates and always get something from them. When you feel discouraged please know that at least you have one person (I am sure many many more) that eagerly awaits an update from you.

Your friend,

Robert Lassers

Hi Miguel,

I’ve been meaning to write to you and mention that I really enjoy your emails, which is not easy to say about an email marketer! I enjoy hearing from you as much as I enjoy hearing from my all time favourite Derek Sivers, and that is a HUGE compliment!

keep up the great work, you’re quickly becoming one of my favourite hmmmmm… people… who write 🙂

Warm Regards,

Inga Hope

Miguel, you have a way of becoming part of my morning conversations with my wife….some time ago, it was the meditation stuff…, letting go of negative thoughts.

I enjoy the authenticity of your emails.


Best email or post I’ve read all year. And I read A LOT. #NoShit.

Thank you for being tirelessly authentic, unique and fearless. Don’t go changing anytime soon, Miguel.

Have an amazing evening mi amigo.

Vincent Burkhead

Loved your email Miguel!

I also wanted to say thank you…

Your course on Udemy helped me to create and launch my own first course on Udemy!

I launched it last Thursday! By Monday this week it had made the New and Noteworthy section 🙂 It took less than 120 hours! Udemy are also promoting me too 🙂

I am filled with gratitude

I just wanted to say thank you, because you helped make a difference to my life…. now it is my turn to help people live happier lives with less stress and greater satisfaction 🙂

Peace and Cookies my friend 🙂

Best of success to you!

Karl Jeffery

Thank you for your wise insights Miguel.

I have been aware of your work since your brilliant PadMapper video.
I admire your work and follow your lead in becoming a better business person and people person.

I bow to you!

Ilja Sarro

Miguel, You are the master of catchy subjects and engaging stories.
I have no time to read email but stopped on yours… always do… not disappointed.. But 5 minutes behind in my task… now 6…

Have a sunny day!

Donna Barker

in Spanish:

¡Hola, Miguel!

Solo quería enviarte un mensaje de agradecimiento por tus correos. Siempre estoy deseando que llegue el miércoles para recibir tus grandes enseñanzas. ¿Para cuándo un libro? Ya te lo he dicho varias veces, pero no te imaginas lo que me inspiras. Siempre estoy totalmente de acuerdo con lo dices.

No hay nadie ni siquiera parecido a ti, y mira que leo a mucha gente de España y EE. UU.

¡Un abrazo desde Madrid, crack!

Pablo Muñoz Sánchez

Hola Miguel!!!

Hoy lo he leido, siempre lo he dicho. No es la historia en si. Si no como la cuentes. Cuando te co noci, me caiste bien y con un sentido del humor especial jejeje. Es más, creo que por la forma de ser de las personas, se construyen relaciones, Se hacen negocios y también se ayuda. Te lo dije en su momento cuenta con un Colombiano en Madrid.

Un fuerte abrazo


Gotta hand it to ya Miguel, you are truly a master at creating compelling email content. Best I’ve seen.
Then again, you have “the most beautiful woman in the history of human kind” to make happy, so I
guess you have a pot load of incentive.
Peace, Love, and Ice to Ya ……

Jim Kiser

I have recommended you to two of my friends to join your list, because you keep me happy with your mailings!

Have an awesome day.- Mychaylo< Prystupa

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