Testimonial Showcase: Pazit Perez

Pazit Perez is the world’s leading Vision portrait photographer out of Montreal. She joined Grumo’s 12-week course creation challenge and did a great job at keeping up with all the challenge weekly assignments.

On Week 06, participants were expected to work on their course sales page and promo video.

Pazit decided to host her course on Vision branding for entrepreneurs “Be Outstanding” on Thinkific. One of the first things that caught my attention was the attention to detail and great design of her sales page. Especially the effort she put in recording fantastic video testimonials from former clients.

Testimonials are a fundamental component to build credibility as a online teacher and increase sales. The main issue with most testimonials is that they are easy to fake unless you take the time and effort to record former clients on video.

“Testimonials are a fundamental component to build credibility as a online teacher.”

Pazit went the extra mile and hired a local videographer, found a fantastic location inside a hotel, and produced a series of 5 video testimonials for just $500.

Below is the testimonial and Pazit’s break down of the production process.

Pazit explains how she created this wonderful testimonial:

The first step was I had vision of what I wanted to create. I wanted 5 clients to sell their experience as opposed to me selling the course, I also knew that I was targeting entrepreneurs so I strategically selected my clients testimonials accordingly.

The second step: I thought it would be powerful to hear their stories, so video testimonials came to my mind.

Third: was find a videographer who had a nice filming and editing style.
Asked my network of people if they knew anyone.

Four: I checked out their websites and only met with the one that was a perfect match with my vision and my brand.

Five I also had a very tight budget, ($500 video filmed and edited) so I to find someone who would be willing to help me accomplish my dream and agree to do it part collaboration and part paid. I asked and I received.

Six: Next I wanted a hip location, and had this idea of doing it in a hotel. Called the Hotel and asked if it was ok if I filmed a few friends there. Free.

Seven: At that price, I had to plan the shooting schedule, date, location and script. Free.

I did not use a testimonial template. I created it myself although My Videographer loved my mission and was super helpful giving me feedback. Always associate with like minded people:) Free

In essence, I wanted to capture their experience and came up with 5 questions on before during and after their vision portraits + result on how it helped them and who they would recommend it for.

I sent the questions to my clients prior to shoot, so they would come prepared.

Gave Starbucks gift cards ($10 each) to all my clients as a thank you for showing up.

That’s how i made it happen!

Thanks for sharing your process Pazit. I hope it inspires other course creators to create awesome testimonials like yours!

To learn more about the course creation challenge Pazit joined – CLICK HERE.

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