A student wrote me a song

I was not expecting it.

Midway into our Skype coaching call, Jacob grabs his guitar and starts singing me a song.

Not a famous song (at least not yet). A song he wrote 5 minutes before the call.

A song about Grumo, courses, and cookies!!!! (What else could I ask for)

I didn’t know Jacob could sing, write songs, or play the guitar.

In fact, Jacob taught himself how to play the guitar last year watching Youtube videos.

Like he said: “old dogs can learn new tricks”

The song is not finished but I wanted to show you it to you anyway.


Jacob Roig - Grumo Cookie Song - 02

Jacob is already working on the final verses.

As soon as he’s done I’ll send an email and we can all sing it together!

Why is this relevant?

First of all, you can’t imagine how happy Jacob made me :))))

Second of all, I think Jacob’s attitude can be an example for all of us that are stuck waiting for perfection.

He just went for it. No buts or ifs… he sang an unfinished song and it was awesome!

Thank you Jacob, you made my week!

An now it’s your turn…

What are you postponing to do because you’re afraid it won’t be perfect?

Peace, Love, and Imperfect Cookies.



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