I’m running out of ideas here…

I started writing these weekly emails just over 3 months ago.

Wait, but why?

Turns out I had been building my email list for 5 years but never communicated with my dear subscribers.

Then last January I went on a rampage to learn everything I could about digital marketing.

Now after 8 months of intensive immersion I’ve learned a lot. Specifically I’ve learned 2 things – 1: I can’t believe how I’ve managed build a 6 figure online business knowing so little about marketing. 2: How much I still don’t know.

But here is the number one thing I’ve learnt…

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.. 🙂

Ok, seriously now..

I’ve learned that online business biggest asset is its email list. And as such, much care and attention should be devoted to grow it and nurture it so it doesn’t go stale.

So there you have it. Me writing weekly emails has been an attempt at nurturing my company’s most valuable asset.

This asset is not just a list of emails stored in a database in a random server in a large datacenter in the middle of Arizona.

Each email represents a human being, with desires and aspirations, with a story, a family, with problems, with their own issues.

Each email represents a relationship, yes, mostly virtual, but a relationship nonetheless.

Each email address represents an opportunity to grow that relationship, to build trust, to connect, to share, to provide value and, if you are running a business, to receive value back, to grow your business.

You represent one of those emails. When you saw this in your inbox you gave me a chance to delight you, entertain you, provide value, improve your day. You invested a bit of your most precious currency in reading my words.

And I THANK YOU for that.

However, for the most part this has been a one-way conversation.

Every week I struggle to come up with a topic that I hope may interest you.

This means I’m writing blindly. I really don’t know what you would enjoy or benefit from learning the most.

But why should I guess anymore? How about you tell me instead?

So here is my plan. Rather than just write what’s on the top of my mind, I thought it would be fun to ask you what you wanted to learn about.
If you could take just a moment and tell me what is the single biggest challenge that you’re struggling with right now…

a) it would mean the world to me and b), most importantly, I’ll be able to use that information to gear my upcoming emails toward topics you specifically want to know more about.

Sounds good?

Please tell me how can I help you: >>> HERE <<<

(Incentive: the first 20 people to respond will get automatically 50% off of any product/course I create next. Boom!)

Next week, I’ll share with everyone the results and I’ll start writing emails based on your feedback.

From now on, you get to decide!

Until then,

Peace, Love and Levesque Cookies*,



P.S. My motivation to write this email comes from Ryan Levesque the creator of the Ask Method. A marketing framework to stop guessing what to create and find out exactly what your audience wants.

P.2. This week’s challenge will be “distraction diet”. I will cut down social media consumption to 30 mins max per day. To help me with it I’ve installed StayFocusd a Chrome extension that completely blocks YouTube, Facebook, etc.

P.3. Last Friday August 19th was my 20th year anniversary since we immigrated to Canada. It seems like yesterday… sniff. Oh Canada! our home and native land.. lalalala!

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