I love her so much it hurts

My mom.


She gave me one of her paintings two years ago and asked me to frame it.

I didn’t because I didn’t think it was a big deal, I took it for granted.

Two weeks ago she came back to visit from Spain and was disappointed to see her painting unframed.

Then for the first time in a long time I didn’t think about me but about what it meant to her.

My mom wants to be present in our lives because she feels forgotten.

That painting is a subtle way of being present, it’s her art, crafted and given with love to me…

and I ignored it.

Then I understood – I made an appointment to get it framed by a professional.

It’s amazing how small things can be so meaningful.

It feels good not being so selfish, not to take things for granted even if it’s just for one minute.

Thank you mami


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2 thoughts on “I love her so much it hurts

  1. Tori Cross Reply

    Beautiful, your Mami’s artwork, and your art in telling stories.
    Be thankful you had this revelation now, and not too late.
    Your Mami may have been disappointed, but now, she’s beaming with joy in her heart. How I know you wonder, I’m a Mommy/Daughter, and I have had the similar hiccups in both sides of being a mom/daughter.
    Keep the stories coming, I’m enjoying reading them…Bless you, and EYES UP!

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