LIVE in 1 Hour! Grumo and The 1 Million Dollar Email


It’s happening, I’m doing in it. I am as ready as someone that has never done a LIVE Youtube presentation before can be. How much is that? mmmm… not ready at all?

Just to recap if you are new to the party…

In one hour I’m going to go live and share with you how one email made me over 1 million dollars when I started my animation studio Grumo Media.

It starts in one hour at 10am Pacific Time (1 pm ET) and all you have to do is show up at:

If you are tuning all the way from Spain (Hi mom!) then that will be 7pm (19:00) just before dinner 😃

Today’s email is short cause the real action will be on video… yeah!

Muchas cookies!



P.S. This presentation is only for entertaining and educational purposes. I won’t sell you vacuums or anything.

P.2. Just realized my mom doesn’t speak English so I’ll have to do a Spanish version, oops

P.3. If you missed yesterday’s email you can read it HERE and learn why I’m writing you emails and how I met super Canadian serial entrepreneur Dan Martell.

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