Mench is taking off!!

Start your engines online teachers of the world!

My online education startup Mench is gearing up for takeoff.

Will it reach The Moon, Mars, Andromeda? or… will it explode before launch like one of those poor early SpaceX rockets.

It took Elon Musk four attempts before his first successful rocket launch.

A last-minute bailout by Peter Thiel allowed Elon to launch the 4th rocket and the rest is history.

How many times will Mench fail before reaching escape velocity?

How many crashes will this Spaniard be able to bear with now in his forties?

So many questions, so much uncertainty, so much excitement!

I love this crap. For so long I wanted to be in the driver seat of my own startup rocket.

Today, we sent our first batch of private beta invitations to a selected group of world-class online instructors.

Will they ignore our call? will they get excited to join us on our journey towards education disruption?

I have no funicular idea.

I have faith in numbers though. Success is no more than a cocktail of statistics and relentless perseverance.

There is no way we cannot be successful if we knock on a million doors and iterate a zillion times.

The only constraint is time. How many iterations will it take to nail a winner before time runs out and I am no longer?

This is what makes life so interesting. We come with an uncertain but certain expiry date.

So let’s get to work…

Do you know any world-class instructors with an existing large audience and a desire try new e-learning technologies?

If you do, please send them to ->

Let’s put some fuel into this rocket!

Peace, Love, and To-Infinity-Beyond-Cookies,

Founder of Grumo Media, Chief Monkey at Grumo, and now Co-Founder of Mench.

Vancouver, Canada (circa MMXVII)

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