The Key To Improving Education Once And For All

Why do we use science and state of the art technology to improve athlete performance and when it comes to teaching performance we’re still stuck in the middle ages?

Why don’t we treat education with the same rigor as sports?

Why don’t we research the best way to deliver knowledge with the same enthusiasm as our research on the best way to deliver a perfect tennis serve?

Although it’s unlikely that teaching will ever become an Olympic sport, developing elite world-class teachers should be as important or more in our society as developing elite sportsmen and women.

Education has a far more reaching impact on our future than sports, so why don’t we take it as seriously?

My vision is a future where we’ve used science and technology to discover what are the best ways to teach anything (math, physics, calculus, medicine, psychology, etc.) so when anyone wants or needs to learn something new, they’ll always have the certainty that they will be taught in the most efficient and effective way.

Can we make teaching into a science?

How do we measure whether someone is a good teacher or not?

How do we train teachers so they become world-class at teaching?

Measuring teaching efficacy may not be as easy as measuring the efficacy of a golf swing but that doesn’t mean we should give up on trying.

With the right resources, we can apply existing science to find out empirically what works and what doesn’t when it comes to teaching – to transferring knowledge from brain to brain.

We can use machine learning to study millions of hours of recorded lectures and extract valuable patterns that increase student engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Then apply those patterns to our teaching and lecture design approach.

We need to put an end to ineffective education, to long boring lectures delivered by unmotivated teachers that squander the opportunity to spark interest in the young minds of millions of children and young adults.

Now that we have the technology to make teaching into a precise science, it’s our obligation to put it to good use so we can create a future where not only we have democratized access to education, but where we’ve ensured that education is actually scientifically proven to be delivered in the most efficient way.

It doesn’t matter if you have a thousand free Youtube tutorials or online courses if most of them suck. It’s not about quantity of information anymore, it’s about learning how to produce great educational content.

That’s the mission I’m embarking on. It may take decades to get there so we better get started soon!

Peace, Love, and Cookies.


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