Is my wife blind?

Apparently she is totally mind-blind!

Ok, this is nuts, although she has 20-20 vision she cannot see anything in her mind.. what?

Her entire life she has been unable to visualize even the simplest thing

I asked her to picture a red triangle in her mind and she sees nothing, nada, zilch.

Turns out according to this fascinating article by Blake Ross she is not the only one with this condition.

It even has a name, a weird one, “aphantasia” and it was only discovered about a year ago.

She cannot visualize objects, or faces, or locations. Her mind-eye has always been blind, in total and utter darkness.

There is very little known about what causes aphantasia. It doesn’t seem to affect the ability to lead a completely normal life so I guess is not a big deal.

You see, I already knew I had a fantastic wife, but now she is more than that…she is aphantastic! 😃

I’m so glad I am not aphantastic. I have a very colourful imagination (hehe) and it would suck if suddenly someone were to flick my internal TV off.. but maybe I would stop day dreaming so much get more productive work done, who knows!

############ WAIT! ############

So why am I sharing this fascinating yet useless random tidbit of information?

For many reasons but here is one of them.

About a month ago I discovered Casey Neistat.

Casey is a YouTube vlogger that has been posting a daily video of his life every day for over 300 days in a row!

Currently his YouTube channel has almost 3 million subscribers and every time he posts a video about 1 million people watch it within the first 24 hours. Not bad.

Casey has a fascinating story which Tim Ferris did a great job at uncovering at one of his ultra popular podcasts (You can listen to it here)

In a nutshell, Casey is super authentic, fun, engaging, articulate 34 year old daredevil filmmaker, storyteller, craftsman, father, athlete and entrepreneur with an amazing work ethic.

The amount of work he puts into each of his daily videos is insane.

His vlogs are beautifully edited montages made of clips of him sharing his thoughts and random experiences throughout the day intertwined with breathtaking aerial footage and time-lapses – all perfectly timed to a carefullyselected soundtrack.

He spends anywhere from 4 to 7 hours editing each video every night.

What’s hard to belief is that creating these videos is only a thing he does on the side.

Casey’s real job is running a 20 something employee social media startup called BEME located in the heart of Manhattan, New York.

I admire people that are so committed and disciplined to work hard to hone their craft because I’ve always felt my creative potential has been squandered out of pure laziness.

So in part you could say Casey’s story and relentless worth ethic is what inspired me to start writing an email every day, why I told you about meeting Dan Martell, why I did my first live broadcast about how I started Grumo Media and why I shared a random fact about my wife today.

There are more reasons but for today let’s leave it at that.. boom!

Thanks again for your time and support and may you all have a fantastic Saturday wherever you are.

Peace, Love, Cookies (yum!)



P.S. Don’t forget that tomorrow I will give away 10 copies of one of my favourite books that was fundamental to the success of Grumo Media.

P.2. My wife didn’t know what rare condition I was going to reveal about her. She said that the only weird condition she has is called a weird husband ha!

P.3. If you love learning about random people’s life stories I highly recommend you check THIS.

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