Grumo Giveaway: Get a copy of my favourite book for FREE!

Dear Grumo reader,

Sunday it’s family day so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

As promised today I’ll be giving out 10 free copies of a book that was fundamental to the success of my animation studio Grumo Media.

The book is called Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by the Heath brothers.

If you took any of my animation courses, you know how important was this book to develop the framework we’ve been using for 5 years to produce fun, engaging, and memorable videos (“sticky” videos).

Made To Stick is a must read for anyone that wants to understand what it takes to craft memorable messages, ideas, or concepts. Also, it’s a fun and “memorable” read full of really interesting case studies.

To enter the contest just >>>> CLICK HERE <<<<

May the cookies of fortune be with you!

Peace, Love, and you know what 🙂



P.S. Note only US residents can participate in the contest. Sorry, I know this sucks for all my dear non-US friends but for some reason Amazon Giveaways is restricted to US only.

P.2. Starting tomorrow my friend Dan Martell is hosting a FREE 4 video training series for entrepreneurs wanting to scale their businesses. You can sign up for it for free HERE

P.3. Dan has made a big impact in my life and business recently. I’ve been very fortunate to have him as a mentor and I would recommend any of his programs to anyone in a heart bit!

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