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The Ultimate Course Validation Challenge

3-week online challenge to make sure you build an online course people will buy.

Do you have an idea for an online course but are afraid no one will buy it?

Thousands of course creators launch a course and “hope” it will sell.

“Hoping” is not a good marketing strategy. In fact, it’s the worst marketing strategy of all but unfortunately, the most common one among first-time course creators.

I’ve learned the hard way the consequences of using hope as a strategy. Back in 2008, I spent 1.5 years working on an app until I went bankrupt. (You can read the story HERE.)

How do you avoid catastrophic failure when you launch your course?

If you want to avoid hearing the dreadful sound of crickets when you launch, you need to go through a validation process to find out if what you want to offer it’s something people actually want.

In this challenge I will guide you step-by-step through a solid validation framework to ensure your course will sell, and if not, how to change your idea until you have a higher certainty that it will.

By the end of the challenge, you will know with much more certainty whether your idea is a go or a no-go.

Mastering product validation is one of the most useful skills you’ll ever develop as an entrepreneur. It literally can save you thousands of hours, even years of frustration by avoiding pouring your heart and soul working on the wrong ideas.

If you do apply the validations strategies within this challenge correctly you will hear the sound of cash hitting your bank account instead of crickets in the night.

Sounds like a plan?


Here is what we will cover over the next 3 weeks:

Week 01 – Research your market

  • Find competition: find similar courses
  • Analyze competition: pricing, features, size, positioning
    • Use Udemy’s competition analysis free tool (HERE)
    • Learn how to use Amazon Reviews to validate your idea
    • Find competitive keywords: Google Keyword Planner and Buzzsumo
  • Ask your audience for feedback (surveys, email, phone calls)
  • Pick an idea for your pilot course based on your research and gathered feedback

Week 02 – Create Pilot Offer

  • Pick a title for your course
  • Write down your pilot course outline
  • Create sales page
  • Pick a pilot launch price
  • Set up payment system

Week 03 – Pre-sell pilot course

  • Write pilot launch emails
  • Create segment with people that showed interest
  • Pre-sell to those that showed interest segment:
    • If 5-10% of your audience buy your course before you build it then validation OK.
    • If <5% buy then you need to repeat the validation process until you get >5%

If you fill up your pilot course then the next step will be to create the course (I have an entire course on course creation which will be included for free as part of this challenge).

Note that in this challenge you will NOT create a course. You will find out if people are willing to pay for it before you create it. How awesome is that?

But what if I don’t Pre-sell enough seats?

You’ll be 100% transparent with your students and tell them that if you don’t get enough traction you’ll refund their fee (it’s super easy to issue a refund with PayPal or Stripe).

This is very similar to Kickstarter (the best validation platform ever) where supporters get their money back if the funding goal is not met. Except, this challenge will be much easier than creating a Kickstarter campaign but will still give you enough data to validate your course idea.

How Does This Challenge Work?

  1. Every week – for 3 weeks –  I’ll issue an assignment which must be completed by Friday
  2. Each assignment will include detailed step-by-steps instructions explaining how to do it.
  3. There will be a 1-hour live group coaching call every Friday (it will be recorded if you miss it)
  4. You’ll be matched with an accountability partner (only if you want to)
  5. You’ll get reminders to keep you on track and motivated (via email and Messenger Bot)
  6. There will be a public leaderboard to track everyone’s progress
  7. Free access to Grumo’s Instructor Club on Facebook
  8. Those that complete the challenge will get a free Grumo T-shirt, a free one-hour consultation call with me, and 50% off my next online course (plus bragging rights forever 🙂 )
  9. BONUS: if you are one of the first 10 people to join the challenge you’ll also get my existing course creation course for free.
  10. BONUS 2: The first 10 challengers to join will also get my next course on YouTube marketing for online courses for free as well.

I estimate about 10 hours of work per week maximum.

How Is This Better Than A Typical Online Course?

Let me ask you 3 questions first:

Question 1: How many online courses have you bought so far?

Question 2: How many have you finished watching entirely?

Question 3: How much have you implemented after watching them?

If you are answers are 1: A bunch, 2: Almost none, and 3: Almost nothing – then now you know why the challenge format is 10X better than a traditional online course.

This new format is focused 100% on execution (what really matters). And based on the feedback I’ve received so far, the challenge format gets people to take action like anything else they’ve tried before (including $2,000 programs by ultra-popular gurus).

Here are just a handful of the many testimonials from previous participants:

“Thank you so much for creating the challenge and continuing to check in with me. It’s helping keep my inner procrastinator at bay. I’ve often felt like I could do this if I had someone helping and encouraging me. I feel like I have that with you.” – Linda Salazar

“THANKS FOR THIS CHALLENGE! Week #1’s Assignment forced me to focus on this OUTLINE… an obstacle that I’ve failed to overcome for over two years… and YOU helped me complete it in a week! Thanks, Miguel!!!” – Wayne Pollard

“It seems silly but I’ve bought $2000+ courses on making online courses and I haven’t gone through those and completed an online course yet. Those online courses that I’m in are FILLED with modules and videos and it seems like such a daunting task to start. I think the simple style of your challenge is what’s bringing me into action.” – Tina Huynh

“Just wanted to thank you Miguel, the truth is that I´ve been “cooking” this course for about 2 years now, and I’m taking up your challenge as the accountability push to make it happen” – Pablo Franzo

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Here is a surprise for you. I’ve been developing a new system to provide real-time accountability, support, and motivation via a custom-built Facebook Messenger app.

For the first time in history, you’ll be able to use Messenger to get stuff done instead of wasting time. How cool is that?

Don’t worry, this system is designed to help you stay on track (not to spam you). I believe once you start using it you’ll love it. It will be like having a personal coach and cheerleader right in your pocket. Always there to help you reach your weekly goals!

More details will be announced when this challenge is launched… stay tuned!

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost is $297 for the 3 weeks and includes lifetime access to all the content, features, and support mentioned above.

To join the challenge now click here -> [REGISTRATION LINK COMING SOON]

(ONLY 20 seats available – That’s the maximum amount of students I can provide personalized feedback and support)

When Does it Start?

Monday, September 25th, 2017.

Who is this for?

Anyone planning to create an online course.

Are you ready to ready to learn how to validate your course and only build something will be willing to pay for?

To join the challenge now click here -> [REGISTRATION LINK COMING SOON]

Peace, Love, and Course-Validation-Cookies.


P.S: No slackers! Only join if you’re 100% committed to doing the work (it’s not a lot).

P.2: Do you have any questions?  Just send me your questions to miguel@grumo.com (I answer all questions personally)

P.3: Would you like to be notified if I ever launch another challenge in the future? just join the waiting list HERE.

Thanks for reading this draft!

Now it’s your chance help me shape this challenge into something you’d love to participate.

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GIVEAWAY: I’ll give away free 3 copies of Russell Brunson’s new book “Expert Secrets” to 3 people that take the time to provide some thoughtful feedback or improvements on the challenge. (Winners will be announced next week)


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