Welcome to Grumo’s Ultimate Course Creation Challenge!

Starting THIS Friday, you’ll get a weekly assignment over the next 12 weeks designed to help you create and launch an online course on the platform of your choice.

The last 4 weeks we will go over creating a YouTube sales funnel to help you keep getting sales regularly.

The first week is easy peasy, your first task will be to create a simple outline for course.

The details on how to do that will be emailed to you on Friday morning.

Here is the entire curriculum:

(Week 1 to 4) RECORD Online Course

  • Week 01: Create course outline
  • Week 02: Prepare lectures (scripts, slides)
  • Week 03: Record lectures
  • Week 04: Record lectures

(Week 5 to 8) LAUNCH Online Course

  • Week 05: Edit and upload lectures
  • Week 06: Create sales page
  • Week 07: Write all launch emails
  • Week 08: Launch online course

(Week 9 to 12) Create SALES FUNNEL

  • Week 09: Set up YouTube channel
  • Week 10: Create freebie course
  • Week 11: Create freebie landing page
  • Week 12: Set up all automated emails
  • Week 13: Winners will be announced and prices given!

This is a preliminary outline which I’m open to adjust depending on your feedback.

Do you Think You’ll need help?

To participate in this challenge is completely free but, if you want help along the way, you can also get personalized feedback by getting an email support packageĀ HERE. (only 10 spots available)

Remember that if you successfully complete the entire program, you’ll also win a free official Grumo t-shirt, a 1 hour free Skype consultation with me, and 50% off any of my past or future online courses.

An email with your next week’s assignment will arrive to you shortly.

Until then…

Peace, Love, and Cookies.


P.S: You should also receive an email in a bit confirming your participation on this challenge. If you decide to quit the challenge simply click the “I’m a quitter” link at the bottom of any of the challenge emails.

P.2: WARNING! The moment you click the “I’m a quitter” button, a tweet saying “Hi my name is [your name], Shame on me, I’m a quitter and despise furry kittens and homemade cookies” will be automatically sent to my 1.5 million imaginary Twitter followers.