The goal for this week is to create your course sales page and promo video.

Below I’ve included links to great articles explaining best practices to create both your sales page and promo video.

How to create a great course sales page

Your prospect students are not going to buy your course unless they have a good reason to do so.

Your sales page is your best opportunity to explain, seduce, and convince the right students that your course is worth investing in (and to disqualify those prospects who shouldn’t take the course).

Creating a good sales page is an art in itself. It’s the art of copywriting and can take years to master. The best copywriters can charge tens of thousands of dollars to write a sales page.

If you don’t have the big bucks, you can get a more affordable copywriter on Upwork or Fiverr.

If you want to do everything yourself, any of the following articles will help you get started on the right path:

TIP: If you use Google Docs, You can make a direct copy of Thinkific’s course sales page template → HERE.

How to create a great promo video for my course

Although the promo video is not 100% required, it has proven to increase conversions dramatically (I know because for 7 years I’ve been producing professional promo videos for companies).

For your first online course, I don’t recommend going nuts with your promo video.

Keep it short, under 4 minutes, and use the same tools you’ve used to record all your lectures (in my case that’s Keynote, a webcam, and ScreenFlow to record both).

Here are 2 articles explaining how to create a promo video for your online course:

If you ever want to take promo video creation to the next level (specifically to promote your business) I have a 10 hour best selling course where I teach everything I’ve learn about promo video creation HERE.


  • Week 06 Submission Deadline: Sep 8th, 2017 (midnight PST)
  • Submission Link – (Provided via email)


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I love to hear your comments which have been very encouraging so far. However, many of you haven’t shared your opinion so I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Here are some questions for you:

  • How do you feel about this challenge?
  • What would you like to see changed/added/removed from a similar future challenge?
  • How much would you be willing to pay to participate on a similar challenge in the future?
  • What kind of results and support would you expect for a paid challenge?
  • Do you have any suggestions for a different topic for a future challenge?

Just write to with your feedback.

Your answers will help me determine whether running a future challenge is a good idea or not.

Muchas thanks!

Peace, Love, and Sales Page & Promo Video Cookies.


P.S: Are you already overwhelmed? just focus on making a bit of progress every day. Breath and take one a step at a time, before you know it, this challenge will be over and you’ll feel super-mega accomplished!

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