For next week, the goal is to record at least HALF of your course lectures.

Recording is the most time consuming stage in course creation so I’ve allowed for two weeks to complete it.

There are several ways you can record lectures but my favorite one is using a webcam and screen recording software (Camtasia or ScreenFlow)

I created a very easy to follow step-by-step tutorial on how to record your lectures HERE

For tips on how to exactly use the software, just search for free tutorials on Youtube or go back to the recording lessons on my 8 hour course creation course on Udemy HERE.


  • Check out a top Udemy instructor recording equipment -> HERE
  • For a super basic lighting set up you can use 2 paper lanterns. Here is are the items you would need -> HERE

Quality Control Checklist

I created a comprehensive lecture quality control checklist to help you make sure both your content delivery and recording quality meets the best possible standards. Access the checklist -> HERE

TOP TIP: When you record yourself don’t forget to breath, relax, and smile 🙂


  • Week 03 Submission Deadline: Aug 18th, 2017 (midnight PST)
  • Submission Link – (Check Your Email)


  • Keep track of the full 12-week curriculum HERE
  • Check everyone’s progress HERE.
  • Learn the basics of how to create an online course in 1 hour HERE.
  • Apply for an accountability partner HERE
  • Join the Facebook Grumo Instructors Club HERE
  • Get personalized feedback from me HERE


As you may know, I’m also participating on this challenge. In fact, one of the reasons to created this challenge was to force me stop procrastinating and create a course on how to sell online courses using Youtube (HINT: this is how top instructors do it ;-))

It’s coming along slowly but surely. I’m done with my lecture slides and have already started recording a few test videos.

Here is my first test promo video: WATCH HERE

Grumo Test Lecture

I think my head takes too much of the frame but If I zoom out then you can see all the clutter in my office. Need to fix that!

What do you think?

Peace, Love, and Video-Cookies.


P.S: Are you already overwhelmed? just focus on making a bit of progress every day. Breath and take one a step at a time, before you know it, this challenge will be over and you’ll feel super-mega accomplished!