Are you excited?

Here is you first week’s assignment for the course creation challenge.

Your goal for next Friday, August 4th is to create your course outline.

Here is the framework for a typical online course:

– 5 Modules
– 5 Lectures per module

That is a total of 25 lectures.
The average lecture is 10 minutes long so your course would be about 4 hours.
This is a guideline, If you feel you can’t explain everything you need in less lectures that’s fine too.


  • Tutorial explaining several ways to create your course outline – WATCH HERE
  • My favorite one is using Google Sheets: HERE
  • Download a PDF with all the outline creation templates HERE
  • Udemy’s free class on how to create a course outline HERE

Do you need help?

To participate in this challenge is completely free but, if you want help along the way, you can also get personalized feedback from me by getting an email support package HERE.

If you successfully complete the entire program you’ll also win a free official Grumo t-shirt, a 1 hour free Skype consultation with me, and 50% off any of my past or future online courses.

An email with your next week’s assignment will arrive to you next Friday.

Until then…

Peace, Love, and Cookies.


P.S: Your feedback is welcome. If you have any ideas to feedback to improve this challenge simply reply to this email with them. Thanks!