If you ever wanted to launch an online course, this is your chance to join the challenge and finally make it happen!

Just in case you are new to the Grumo party, my name is Miguel Hernandez and for the last 7 years I’ve taught over 9,000 people how to create online courses. I love to help people make a living online teaching what they love! – If that sounds like something you’d like to try this challenge will be perfect for you…

Why A Challenge?

Over 90% of people that decide to create an online course fail to do so. Why? because nothing is as stake, and when nothing tangible is at stake, our brains are masters at making excuses.

Solution. Add some real stakes to the equation.

What kind of stakes?

Loss of something valuable to you.

Loss of… money, opportunity, reputation, credibility.

Why do most people wait until the last day to study for an exam?

Because the stakes are real and no one wants to fail a grade, fall behind, be an the embarrassment of the class.

A public challenge is a great way to raise the stakes. ‘Public” is the key word. Only when your reputation is on the line are the stakes real.

(The second why is because a few people that didn’t make it to my one-on-one coaching program suggested I make it into a public challenge to allow them to participate indirectly)

How Does It Work?

  1. Every week – for the next 12 weeks –  I’ll issue an assignment which must be completed by Friday
  2. If you miss more than 2 deadlines YOU ARE OUT (Boo booh!)
  3. Every week, I’ll post the names of the people that are still in and those that have been kicked out.
  4. Those that complete the challenge will get a free Grumo T-shirt, a free one hour consultation call with me, and 50% off my next online course (plus bragging rights forever 🙂 )

The goal is to have you launch an online course on the platform of your choice (Udemy, SkillShare, WordPress, Thinkific, Teachable) and have a fully functional sales funnel (YouTube → Freebie → Email List → Paid Course) in 3 months from next Monday.

To join the challenge now CLICK HERE

(Hurry! The challenge is only open until today at midnight.)

The Curriculum

FIRST THING: Watch this 1-hour overview of everything you need to know to create an online course.

Here is the week-by-week plan for the challenge:

(Week 1 to 4) RECORD Online Course

(Week 5 to 8) LAUNCH Online Course

(Week 9 to 12) Create SALES FUNNEL

This is a preliminary outline which I’m open to adjust depending on your feedback.

How much it costs?

FREE! Nada, zero patatero, nothing.

To participate in this challenge is completely free but, if you want help along the way, you can also get personalized feedback from me via email during the 12-weeks for $297 (only 10 spots available)

Are you ready to make your online course happen?

To join the challenge for free now CLICK HERE

The first challenge will be issued this Friday so you only have until today midnight to join.

Peace, Love, and ultimate-challenge cookies.


P.S: Only join the challenge if you are committed to getting work done. No slackers!

P.2: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney


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