The Challenge is On! but who will make it to the end?

The challenge is on!

We have a total 195 people participating on Grumo’s 12-week Course Creation Challenge.

How many will make it?


I’ve created a leaderboard with a list of all the challengers HERE

Every Friday – for the next 12 weeks – I will update the leaderboard to show who completed their assignment and who failed or quitted all together.

For each week, each challenger will get a number:

  1. (green) = Weekly assignment completed
  2. (red) = Weekly assignment failed
  3. (grey) = challenger quitted or is MIA.

Here is how it looks:


Every Friday, when I issue the next week’s assignment, I will also publish a link where you can upload evidence proving that you have completed the assignment.

If you fail to submit your evidence before midnight on Friday, you will be kicked out of the challenge and lose your chance to win any of the prizes mentioned below.

My first course took me 8 weeks to produce and it had 100 lectures so I am confident that most of you should be able to launch a course within the next 3 months.


I’m also participating in this challenge, so if I fail, I’ll eat a fresh manure taco… or… I’ll go buy my groceries wearing my underwear on my head while I sing Figaro, Figaroooo!

Just picture this dude singing with his drawers on his head ordering chocolate ice cream at the checkout… That could be me! :-S

Those are my stakes. Remember? no stakes, no commitment.

What are your stakes going to be?


The #1 reward will be the satisfaction of having completed your online course, and hopefully, even made some sales!

Besides that, everyone that completes the entire challenge will get:

  • A free official Grumo T-shirt
  • A free one hour consultation call with me, and
  • 50% off my next online course
  • Bragging rights forever 🙂

Are you ready to make this happen once and for all?


All challengers should’ve already gotten an email with the first week’s assignment (Re: Write your course outline)

You can read the details of the assignment HERE.

Good luck and see you next Friday!

Peace, Love, and Cookies.


P.S: Did you miss the challenge? To join the next course creation challenge CLICK HERE.


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