The First 12-Week Challenge Over! What’s next?


It seems it was ages ago when I launched the first ever Grumo Course Creation Challenge.

It was the middle of the summer. Here in Vancouver I was wearing my shorts and sunglasses almost every day.

Fast forward 3 months and a few hurricanes later. Heater is on, it’s cold and it won’t stop raining (Raincouver at its best).

194 Grumo followers started the challenge. Today we’re down to only 20. The odds of survival were a lot higher at Normandy.

Still, that is 20 people that have created and launched an online course. For most, their first online course.

Believe it or not, that is about 10 times better results than my students on Udemy.

On Udemy 10% people finish watching the lectures but only 1% end up creating an online course.

I’ve done my best to motivate everyone and it seems the combination of clear deadlines, accountability and group support have paid off.

Thanks for your awesome testimonials

Yesterday, I had a Q&A session where we talked about course creation and the next bootcamp starting on Monday.

I invited a few of the challenge survivors to the call and their testimonials blew me away. I’m so proud of all of them for stepping up to the challenge and persevering all the way through (almost through, the last assignment is due tonight!)

I recorded part of the call so you can listen to their testimonials -> HERE

What’s next?

The challenge is over for now but the real work starts today. As I’ve said before, more than 60% of your success as an online instructor is based on your ability to market your course. That involves not just building a robust sales funnel, but to work hard at driving consistent traffic to it by creating great content, partnering with other instructors, writing guest posts, building your email list, and much more.

1. Prizes will be given

Next week, I’ll announce all the finishers and they will get their well-deserved prizes (1-hour consultation, Grumo T-shirt, and not one, but ALL my existing courses for free)

If you want me to share your course with the rest of the group make sure to submit a link to it -> HERE

2. Next bootcamp will start on Monday

I’m taking all the lessons learned on the first challenge and applying it to the next. Instead of allowing anyone to join, there is an onboarding process to make sure students meet the right criteria. I’m also adding more personalized support and everything will be running on a new platform optimized to create a more interactive experience (See point 3 below).

Enrollment is ending tomorrow. If you or a friend wants to join make sure to reserve your seat -> HERE

3. A new business is born

The new bootcamp will be running on a new platform called Mench. This is a project I’ve been working on secretly for several months now.

For many years I wanted to launch a product and have my own tech startup in the education space. That dream now seems to be becoming a reality and I haven’t been so excited in years!

I’m working together with a tremendously talented co-founder, Shervin Enayati (Former CEO of LazyMeal).

Our plan is to bring more experts to Mench so they can also run their own challenges. If you would like to apply as an early beta tester just submit your application -> HERE

And that’s all for today amigos!

If you’re still in the challenge don’t forget to submit your last assignment -> HERE

If you want to join the next bootcamp make sure to submit your application before Sunday -> HERE

As always, your thoughts and feedback are always welcome.



P.S: Reminder: submit Week 12 assignment (create your freebie landing page) before tonight midnight PST using THIS LINK.

P.2: Do you want to share your course? If you want me to share your course with the rest of the group make sure to submit a link to it -> HERE


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