I can’t stop writing and Bill Wurtz awesome video

The verdict is in.

Last week I asked all of you: “It’s been one year. Should I keep writing?

At the end of the post, I wrote: “I won’t keep writing unless I get 100 responses encouraging to do so”

Well, I didn’t get 100 responses.

I got 49 responses. (thank you, thank you, gracias)

All – except one – were positive, thoughtful, and encouraging.

The only not encouraging response said: “you should pack it in”.

And I thought about “packing it in” but… 98% of my responses said to keep going.

The democratic vote wins… so I’ll keep writing but…

I didn’t get 100 “keep writing” responses. I only got 49.

I’m in limbo. What do I do?

I think my emails should be either 51% shorter, or my email frequency should be 51% less.

Or write 25% shorter emails and send them 25% less often?

At any rate. I’m very glad I asked the question because I got to interact with 49 of you which reminded me that some people do read my emails. Some people do care. Thank you.

But 49 is only about 1% of my subscribers. That means 99% of readers didn’t respond.

Should I keep writing for the engaged 1%?

While I think about it, I’d like to share my favorite video of the week (and probably of the year so far).

It’s a video by Bill Wurtz that explains the entire history of the entire world in 19 minutes and 25 seconds.

It’s titled “history of the entire world, I guess”. You can watch it HERE.

All I can say is: I would have paid a lot more attention in school if Bill Wurtz was my teacher.

Peace, love, and Wurtz cookies.


P.S: Random update: Just got my genetic test results from 23andMe.  I’m 100% Miguel Hernandez!! – Phew.

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P.4: This message took 1 hour and 58 minutes to write.


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