I’m a veteran top Udemy instructor with over 20,000 students and the Founder of Grumo Media, a video marketing and online education studio located in Vancouver, Canada.

I have true passion for online education and have spent the last 5 years creating multiple best selling courses and taught thousands of students across the world in both English and Spanish.

Check out my courses and I’ll promise you not only you will learn new valuable skills but you’ll have lots of fun in the process. At least that is what most of my students have expressed in over 700 positive reviews.

I have courses on animation, video marketing, online course creation, productivity, website development, lifestyle business creation and even online dating.

I also have 10 years of experience in multimedia production and have produced hundreds of  promotional videos for some of the top Silicon Valley startups including clients like Microsoft, Walmart, Fidelity Investments, Reckitt Benckiser, Hipmunk and even Ashton Kutcher.

Grumo.com is the home of my personal blog where I share my experiences running and growing multiple businesses, and my best strategies to increase productivity and live a more fulfilling life.

All blended with a bit of humor, irreverence, and Spanish accent 😉

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Peace, Love, and Cookies!

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